Anthosa Consulting

Redesigning enterprises to thrive in the digital age using cloud, data and analytics.

Who We Are

At Anthosa, we help to redesign businesses to thrive in the digital age using team-based organisational designs, cloud, data and analytics. We do this by helping to accelerate innovation at scale to enable a business-wide transformation. We help to continually evolve your teaming structure and establish lean governance to enable efficient delivery of business outcomes and value creation.

We believe large businesses need to redesign themselves moving from hierarchical designs to flatter team-based structures to innovate faster and to digitally transform using data-driven governance to thrive in the digital age. We help to decompose the customer value chain and create multi-disciplinary teams to innovate, scale and transform and provide a platform for data-driven decision making.

Over two decades of blue-chip corporate experience being an innovation leader, we have the experience of advancing intrapreneurial spirit and helping organisations to innovate and transform. We bring a unique blend of strategy, process, design thinking, architecture and technology expertise to enable this.

We help improve customer satisfaction, enhance employee engagement and optimise process efficiency by organising people and work around customer value chain. We reduce complexity and bring work people do day-to-day to have clear line of sight to customer outcomes. We provide tech foundation for data-driven decision making and tracking progress.

Our Specialities

Strategy & Business Models

Understand your current business context, identify your challenges and figure out how to optimise or innovate on business models.​

Innovation & Transformation

Get clarity on how innovation could help your business. Develop a strategy to drive innovation at scale and enable enterprise-wide transformation.

Design Thinking

Apply design thinking to develop strategy, solve problems and to ideate on possible solutions.​


Map, design or re-design business processes and analyse value chains to optimise your business models and identify opportunities to innovate.

DATA & Technology

Adopt modern technology, apply enterprise, business, solution architecture best practices to help navigate your business problems.​

Work Design

Create work designs to provide clarity on the operating model and system of work for efficiently delivering your programs of work.​


Establish lean data-driven governance to manage the delivery of your programs.​

Industries We Serve

Financial Services


Energy & Utilities




Professional Services

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