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Who We Are​

Anthosa is a dynamic and forward-thinking boutique strategy consulting firm that helps co-design strategies to close the gap between strategy and execution to solve our clients’ most complex business challenges. Our experienced consultants collaborate closely with clients across industries to provide tailored strategies that drive growth, foster efficiency, and enhance overall organisational performance.

Rapid technology advancements are disrupting industries and reshaping business models, processes, and consumer behaviour. To stay competitive, businesses must innovate, adapt, and embrace technology. Our strategy consulting plays a pivotal role in embracing innovation and optimising operations to capitalise on growth opportunities amid these shifts.

At Anthosa, we help businesses to thrive in the digital age by moving to digital operating models augmented with artificial intelligence, data analytics, and cloud to innovate and transform continually, making these core parts of their DNA in adapting to the digital age while keeping people at heart.

What We Do

Over two decades of experience as an innovation leader, gives us know-how to transform unique and complex businesses like yours. Having served some of Australia’s largest healthcare, retail, manufacturing, engineering, financial services, and government customers, we understand complexities you face. We bring a unique blend of strategy, human-centred design, business modelling, technology, change management, and delivery expertise to support you on this journey.

We are different from other consultancies. We collaborate and work side-by-side with you, fully blending in as part of your team to drive your business outcomes. We create a shared understanding and ownership of the work we do enabling your team to implement the changes with confidence after we have left.

We help improve customer satisfaction, enhance employee engagement and optimise process efficiency by organising people around the customer value chains. We reduce complexity and bring work people do day-to-day to have a clear line of sight to customer outcomes. We enable the tech foundations for data-driven decision-making.
Our Capabilities​

Strategy & Business Models

Understand your current business model, identify your challenges and determine how to optimise the current business model or innovate on new business models.

Innovation & Transformation

Get clarity on how innovation could supercharge your business. Develop a plan for driving innovation at scale to enable a business-wide transformation.

Human-centred Design & Systems Thinking

Apply human-centred design approaches and systems thinking by taking a holistic approach to problems, ideating, co-designing, and solving problems.

Business Processes & Value Chains

Map, design or re-design business processes and analyse value chains to optimise your current business model and identify opportunities to innovate on new business models.


Adopt modern technology, and apply architecture and engineering best practices to deliver future-proof solutions.


Create work designs to provide clarity of purpose to the operating model and system of work for your teams to deliver value.


Transform the funding model to establish lean data-driven governance and decision-making aligned to outcomes and value creation.

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