Customer Feedback

What Our Customers Say
"When we engaged Anthosa, we knew we had a mountain to climb in transforming our manufacturing operation to adopt Industry 4.0 and become an industry leader. We were almost paralysed by the enormity of this challenge, and successive CEOs had come and gone with convincing the board to invest being too great a proposition. What we didn't realise was how this could be broken down into a series of steps that could get us to where we wanted over a period of time, using incremental investment.

Anthosa team worked with our senior leadership side-by-side to create a shared understanding of how we could achieve this and think of our business as an organisation that comprised of a portfolio of interrelated services. They created a foundation that helped us make data-driven decisions on how to invest in transforming these services over three years. Over this period we've had one of their team members embedded in our business helping to steer us towards our vision."
CEO, Building Products Manufacturer​
"What amazed me most was their ability to think outside the box and how they encouraged us to think laterally. They brought a lot of experience from healthcare, but more importantly they were able to apply leading practices from other industries to our context and successfully collaborate with our team to see their value and adapt them.

They hit the ground running, very proactive and were professional in their approach. They were well prepared and gave us the confidence they knew our business the what we needed help with. When we had something to ask, they had the answers to our questions almost immediately in most cases. If they didn't have the answer they promised to get back and kept their word."
Head of Strategy, Healthcare
"We really enjoyed working with the Anthosa team. They were collaborative, really listened to what we had to say, and their insights into our operating model design has proven to be a game changer for us as we scaled.

It was crucial that they collaborated on designing the operating model 'with us', not just 'for us'. This approach was essential for ensuring that the entire team grasped how we created customer value in our daily work, enabling us to maintain unwavering focus on customer outcomes."
Head of Product, Energy Scale-Up​
"Anthosa team really channeled the conversation in our workshops. They were respectful in engaging and at times challenging the senior executives, at the same time they ensured the rest of the team was fully immersed in the discussion and came along with us. Their approach to bringing the senior executives and the team on the journey together to co-design our transformation strategy was crucial for our success.

As a regional business we had a different set of challenges we faced when driving change. Anthosa team were fully aware of these and were flexible in their approach to accommodate us and help us succeed."
Change Lead, Government Water Utility
"I wanted to thank Anthosa for their outstanding work on co-designing our service management strategy and roadmap. Their insights and recommendations were invaluable, they consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of our business needs. They were very outcome-focused and always kept our goals in mind when leading discussions.

I really appreciated their willingness to go the extra mile. They were always available to answer questions and provide guidance. Overall, I am very pleased with their work on this project. They were a valuable asset to our team, and I'm confident that their contributions will help us achieve our long-term goals."
Program Director, Federal Government
"They understood the heavily regulated business that we were being a bank, and how we need to manage technology and business risks. They had a deep understanding of the compliance hurdles we face when introducing new technology. They collaborated with us to understand where our technology challenges were and helped us to develop an experimental approach to adopting new technology, while also being able to deliver tangible business outcomes through our investments.

Their innovation strategy helped us to shift our thinking on how we measure value from our investments and change our funding approach to drive innovation. This has led to us being able to convince the business to spend on reducing our technology debt, allowing us to be more innovative and transform our application landscape to become a more nimble business. By tapping into their pre-selected partner ecosystem for technology products and engineering-led delivery, we have been able to benefit from some proven leading technology as well as a highly skilled engineering teams."
CTO, Financial Services​
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