Products and Services

Our Products and Services are designed to provide the IP needed to accelerate value creation. We are mindful of the  ‘not invented here‘ syndrome. We adapt to this by bringing the core elements of the products and practices to tailor them to your organisation.

Our Strategy Accelerator Products
Innovation Strategy Accelerator

Establish the core capabilities to enable innovation at scale in your business.

  • Experimentation Design
  • Value Assessment Framework
  • Ways of Working
  • Funding Model
  • Tools Support
Artificial Intelligence Strategy Accelerator

Enable the core capabilities to adopt artificial intelligence at scale across your business.

  • Value Assessment Framework
  • Ways of Working
  • Funding Model
  • Tools Support
  • AI & Analytics Platforms

Technology Strategy Accelerators

A series of strategy accelerators aimed at jumpstarting modern cloud, edge, and endpoint (IoT) technology adoption.

  • Infrastructure Platforms (Cloud, Edge, IoT)
  • DevSecOps Platforms
  • Application Platforms
  • AI & Analytics Platforms
  • Blockchain Platforms
  • Service Management Platforms

Service Management Design

Design service management capabilities to support ongoing operation of services. Adopt SIAM, IT4IT, and ITIL best practices to optimise service operations.

  • Service Lifecycle Design
  • Service Discovery & Monitoring
  • Service Design/Redesign
  • Service Modernisation
  • Service Onboarding
  • Service Management Platforms
Funding Model Design

Co-design a modern funding model to support the value creation of your business. Value Model anchors how different funding options are used.

  • Value Model Design
  • Product-based Funding – or –
  • Value Stream-based Funding    – or –
  • Innovation Portfolio-based Funding
  • Governance
Operating Model Design

Co-design a modern digital operating model to support the value creation of your business. Value Model anchors how different operating model options are applied for product design and development. Work Design & Teaming Design structures work and teams for optimising the flow of value.

  • Value Model Design
  • Value Assessment Framework
  • Work Design & Teaming Design
  • Ways of Working
  • Governance
Our Service Engagement Pattern


(2 - 4 weeks)

  • Identify and engage key stakeholders.
  • Human-centred workshop to co-design the engagement plan with your leadership team.
  • Collaborative problem-framing session to align and define the problem being solved.
  • Co-design engagement outcomes, the backlog of activities, and the plan.
  • Covers all five key dimensions (†).


(4 - 8 weeks)

  • Extended consultation for a broader stakeholder group to drive engagement and input for the co-designed strategy.
  • Comprehensive strategy co-design to drive strategic planning across five dimensions (†).
  • Strategy, roadmap, and work packages on what you need to deliver to achieve the strategy.
  • Options for next steps: DIY, hire someone else, engage us for the Jumpstart.


(8 - 12 weeks)

  • Pick one of the work packages and help to jumpstart delivery.
  • Follow our blueprint for engaging people, work design, planning workshops and driving adoption.
  • Provide lean delivery governance to enable this team toᅠ rapidly deliver business value.


(12 - 24 weeks)

  • Scale innovation and experimentation into multiple business areas, focusing on other work packages and building a business case for business-wide adoption.
  • Design the optimal teaming structure and governance across your business.
  • Identify a funding model to suit your operating model.



  • Embed innovation and experimentation across the business to drive a business-wide transformation.
  • Continually evolve your teaming structure and governance to enable efficient delivery of business outcomes and value creation.
  • Implement the new funding model, operating model, and an innovation management platform to optimise innovation.

† Dimensions: 1) Leadership, People & Culture 2) Business Models & Value Chains 3) Data & Technology 4) Teaming & Work Design 5) Governance. Read more about these dimensions.